A message from Ali Zafar 


For years, you have seen me sing, dance, act and perform to entertain you. My gratitude for your love, appreciation and admiration, can never be expressed through words. Therefore i chose music. I have always believed that an artist should be more than a tool for his art to resonate through. He must also resonate the voice of his surroundings by being socially aware and strive to contribute to his environment for the better in whatever little or large manner that he decides for himself. Although i have been keenly contributing towards various social causes, I always chose not to personally highlight them, until last year. The reason behind this shift was conscious. I thought it was time to not just do more but also to motivate and inspire others to do more. I believed that we had no other choice left. 

Through decades we have witnessed our society degenerate because of various socio-political reasons. If we don’t make and take a stand now, and continue to rely on others to do it for us, we will never attain, retain or sustain the status of a homeland we aspire for. A progressive, peaceful, tolerant and positive Pakistan where the highest value would not just be to safeguard a human life but also that of an animal’s. Where the three pillars defined by our Quaid - Unity, faith and discipline won’t just be concepts in our textbook but would become our second nature. Where, as guided by the Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h), people would be judged for their superiority on others through their piety, honesty, and sincerity and not their assets. Gone are the times, to remain in denial. We must own and recognize our mistakes in order to rectify them and act fast to redefine ourselves and our true calling. 

We are a resilient nation who has made it through the toughest of times and battles as we shall now. Let’s rise and play our part in creating a better future for all of us and our future generations. What we went through on the the day of 16/12 cannot be described in words. If not for ourselves, let us rise together for those children who gave their lives for our awakening. Let’s stand united for them and for our own children. Let’s look into their eyes and decide what we intend to leave behind for them. 

I have travelled the world, seen it all. There is no better joy than giving. No better feeling than the feeling you get when you look beyond your personal and professional gains and aspirations and take a step towards something bigger and higher than yourself . So Let’s start giving. And let’s do it together!  Personally, I have collaborated with a leading Pakistani educational non-profit organization, The Citizens Foundation (TCF) and 141schools.org (141 SCHOOLS), a new citizen web movement. Together, they are building 141 schools across Pakistan. Each school will be dedicated to the children and teachers who lost their lives in attack on the 16th of December 2014.

All proceeds from the downloads of the song will go towards building schools for the children of Pakistan and ensuring a bright future. So, here’s your chance to play your part by responsibly downloading the song only through the links below. Please DO NOT download free pirated mp3s available online. 

You can also donate towards building a school with me. Please join my campaign. I aspire to build at least one school which would cost around PKR 20.7 million. Help me do it. 

And to sign off, i am deeply indebted to all the artists, who came and participated in the video. After I recorded the song, I thought about how I could take it beyond just a personal expression. I started calling my friends, acquaintances and colleagues from the industry, old veterans and upcoming stars, shared my thought of coming together for a cause greater than all of us and the response I met with further strengthened my belief...... that...Pakistan WILL rise !!! 

Sincerely Yours, 

Ali Zafar

"UrainGe” (We Will Fly) Lyrics

Urainge us aasman mein; (We’ll fly in such a sky)
Rahainge aisay jahaan mein; (live in such a world)
Jahaan dard ka koi maara na ho; (where no one quivers in pain) 
Akaila na ho be-sahaara na ho; ( no one is lonely or left alone)
Koi maa say bichara dulaara no ho; (no mother would live without her child) 
Siva ishq kay koi chaara na ho; (nothing to choose from than love)

What is 141 SCHOOLS ? 

141 SCHOOLS is an citizen web movement, dedicated to honouring the children and teachers who lost their lives in the Peshawar attack on Dec 16, 2014.  As a first step, we are on a mission to build 141 schools - one in the name of each life lost. We have partnered with The Citizens Foundation (TCF) to help achieve this collective mission

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact info@141schools.org