Group M joins hands with and The Citizens Foundation

GroupM CEO, Sohail Ansar's message 

This year on GroupM's Power of One Day we support the cause of building schools in the names of each life lost in Peshawar since this tragedy is not about me, not about you, not about one day – It is about each one of us, It is about our children, It is about our future, it is about Pakistan ! GroupM will help to never forget.

Why GroupM is partnering with

Every year in February on Power of One day, GroupM globally picks up a social cause. What happened In Peshawar on Dec 16, 2014 is a tragedy Pakistan will never forget. This is a dire need and a cause we had to pick up and work on.

We arranged a carnival to raise donations and then are running a campaign to help collect donations from all over the world. 

What is 141Schools.Org? 

On December 16th, 2014, more than 141 Pakistani’s lost their lives in a terrorist attack on a school in Peshawar.  

141Schools.Org is a citizen web response, to remembering the lives lost in this unforgivable act. 

As a first step, we have partnered with The Citizens Foundation (TCF) to build 141 new TCF schools - one in name of each life lost.  

Our efforts today will serve as a beacon of light resisting the advance of extremism in Pakistan