Healing Pakistan's Wounds by Building 141 Schools for Peace

The Diplomat spoke with the founders of 141schools.org to learn more about the development of this project: 

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"The founders have a vision of building schools in Pakistan, and each school is planned to be dedicated to those who died in the Peshawar school terrorist attack. But a plan of such magnitude needed some assistance. Patel and Zaki collaborated with The Citizens Foundation (TCF) to develop and implement a strategic plan to build these schools and the joint partnership led to “141 Schools For Peace.” TCF is one Pakistan’s leading educational non-profits that builds schools for underprivileged children, and all TCF initiated schools are located in urban slums and in Pakistan’s poor rural areas. TCF schools also promote a co-education system with a balanced gender ratio. In most of their schools, girls comprise at least 50 percent of the student body. 

Diplomat Magazine  - May 05, 2015